What is a European Round Table?

Join a Round Table in your proximity and meet regularly for readings and discussions. Or start one yourself and register with us. Here readers of a variety of media come together, quote from what they have read, i.e. from different sources, thus enabling meaningful comparison.

Background information and the political leanings of editorials then become evident. Undue exaggeration in the depiction of issues, or PR initiatives desguised as news, are revealed. As a result local media forfeit their monopoly of the shaping of public political opinion.

A less nationally blinkered view…

The internet enables access to a wide variety of different newspapers.

No single language is read in only one country; there are e.g. German language publications in Switzerland, Austria as well as in the Federal Republic.

There may be someone in your group who can read in another European language and extend the basis for comparison.

Together you can make Europe more transperant and can gain an independent European outlook.

By documenting the findings of your Round Table discussions you can trace political developments over time.

Pass on your group’s evaluations and, through our website, form a network with similar groups in Germany and Europe.