Statutary objectives

In the knowledge, that the present unification of 27 European countries in the EU signifies a major step forward in maintaining peace and the fundamentals of life for all its citizens, the signatories of this statute affirm the common Union citizenship for all nationals of the EU countries.(1)

As a consequence they consider it a challenge for the citizens of the Union to engage beyond language frontiers, in animated discussion in order to be able to exercise their democratic right as properly informed European citizens.

In this spirit, through the Round Tables, EUROPINION promotes a European political reading and debating culture, with different media being continually appraised as regards their views and information contents. Thus tendencies and conditions in individual partner states are subject to comparison. Within the scope of the European network greater transparency and a solid basis for the formation of a European public opinion are achieved.

The Society thus promotes and organises civic involvement.

(1) Preamble Treaty of Lisbon